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How to Sell Curriculum

Newpoint Tabernacle Church

2150 Antioch Rd, Cumming, Ga 30040

2 Drop off times at the Church: 
Wednesday, June 19
th 6-7 pm

Thursday, June 20th 11 a.m.-1:30 pm

Envelope Instructions

  1. Bring a LARGE manila 9x12 or 10x13 envelope to turn into Volunteers at the sale when you drop off your curriculum. This will hold all of your small envelopes with money from your sold items. Please Label the Manila Envelope with your Name, Last Name, Address, Cell # and please highlight your name according to your pickup time.

  2. If selling sets, bundle with thick rubber bands or place in plastic Ziploc bags.

  3. Price your items in .50 increments. This is a Cash Only Sale. (please read #4 Half Price Sale if you plan to discount any of your items for the 25% off or 50% off sale)

  4. Tape a small or regular sized envelope on each item you are selling. Use blue painters tape to avoid damage to your item. Masking tape will work also but it tends to come unstuck. If the envelope comes off and gets lost, we can't sell your item and it won't get back to the rightful owner if unsold.


  1. Each Envelope MUST contain the Following 5 pieces of information:

    1. Title/Name of Book or Item & Grade Level:  In Top LEFT hand corner of envelope, write the title/name of Book or Item and grade level curriculum suggested for.
      Ex:       Teaching Textbooks 6

                  Grade 5 or 6

    2. Your Name:  In CENTER of the envelope, write your First and Last Name. Using pre-printed mailing address labels makes this step fast.  You can also use the computer to highlight your name on the mailing label.  See below about the highlighting.

    3. Price:  In TOP RIGHT hand corner of envelope, write the price (in 25 cent increments)

    4. Discounted Sale Price - In LOWER RIGHT hand corner of envelope, indicate if you want your item discounted to:

      1. 25% off on Friday evening.  If you want to sell your items at 25% Off on Friday evening then Please write Yes - Friday - and the discounted price at 25% off.  This will make it faster & easier for checkout if the Sale Volunteers don't have to do extra math at Checkout.  So if you are selling an item for $5 and want to participate in the 25 OFF sale - you would write YES - FRI - $3.75  If you don't want to sell at 25% off - then write NO - Fri.

      2. 50% off on Saturday.   If you want your items to sell at the 50% off price on Saturday then Please write in the lower Right-Hand Corner - YES - SAT - and the price at 50% off.  So if your item is $5 then please write YES - SAT - $2.50

      3. Please price your item in 50 cent increments.  If you want your item to be discounted, please price your items to where 1/4 and 1/2 would still be in 25 cent increments. For example, original price .50 to discount to .25 or original price 1.50 to discount to .75. But please be mindful of the 1/4 price discount.  We will NOT deal with pennies.  Please be mindful of this when pricing for 1/4 and then 1/2.  If you have something you would like to sell inexpensively you may price it 75 cents, then 50 cents Fri and 25 cents Saturday otherwise please work in 50 cent increments making sure your discounted price on Friday and Saturday is still in 25 cent increments.  No dimes, nickels or pennies needed! *Leave this corner blank if item is not be discounted.  
    5. Highlight Your Name According to Your Pick-up Time Color.  Please use a highlighting marker (or on your computer use the text highlight color option in word if using pre-printed labels) to Highlight your name on your item envelopes and your manila envelope.  The highlighting makes it easier for the Curriculum Sale team to put your items together at the end of the sale.  Please make sure you use the correct color associated with your requested pickup time.

      1. 4:45 p.m. pickup - Purple Highlighter 

      2. 5:00 p.m. pickup - Green Highlighter

      3. 5:15 p.m. pickup - Hot Pink Highlighter

      4. 5:30 p.m. pickup - Orange Highlighter

      5. 5:45 p.m. pickup - Blue Highlighter

      6. 6:00 p.m. pickup - Yellow Highlighter

  2. If you have items left over from previous curriculum sales that used my consignment manager, you can leave those labels on, but you need to still add an envelope with your name in center. Also please read over your existing label to see if it has all needed info from the above steps. Mark through your seller # with a sharpie. Please add the name of the item in top left-hand corner just to make sure the envelope stays with the item being sold because labels from previous sales do not have names on them.  Sometimes, as people go through the curriculum labels get knocked off.  If you don't provide this information we can not reattach the labels.