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Vendors that Register and Participate in the 2020 BEECH Bazaar will receive a link on our website from March 2020 until February 2021.  Please provide us with a LINK to your website, email, or Facebook page that we can use on our website.  Please make sure you review it for accuracy.

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Please also provide us with a short 1-2 sentence description of your business that we can use with your link on our website.

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6 foot Tables will be provided and set up for EVERY Vendor for the event.  We will have tables numbered and hand out Vendor maps to all attendees as they arrive.  I understand that Vendors are responsible for bringing their own linens and decorations for their tables.

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I understand that my Business must Register and Participate in the 2020 BEECH Bazaar to receive a link on the BEECH Homeschool Website.

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I understand and agree that I/my business participates in the BEECH Bazaar at my own risk, and will not hold BEECH Homeschool or it's members and directors responsible or liable for any difficulty, loss or injury that I or my business may incur as a result of participation in the 2020 BEECH Bazaar.

YES, I agree No, I disagree
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I understand and agree that I/my business will be held responsible and liable for repair of any damages (broken tables, stains, holes in wall, etc.)  I/my business causes to the host location of the BEECH Bazaar event.

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After you click submit below, you will be taken to a registration confirmation page where you will be able to click the link to go to PayPal and pay your $40 registration fee.  Vendors are not registered until both payment and the registration form are received.  You should also receive a confirmation email that your registration form was received which will have additional details about the event.  We prefer you to use our provided PayPal link to pay.  Should you somehow miss the PayPal link, you can make payment directly to BEECH via PayPal Friends and Family at [email protected] - please make sure you list your business name in the notes section.  Thank you.