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SELLER Information


How to Sell at the Curriculum Sale


  1. If you ARE a member of Beech Homeschool Community, you can sell with NO fee. Sign up on the Beech member website on the Calendar only. Click on the calendar and look for the June 20th curriculum sale event link.  Beech Members do NOT have to fill out the Seller Registration form or pay a registration fee.

  2. If you are NOT a member of Beech Homeschool Community, the fee is $10 to sell your curriculum at our sale.  We will use this fee to help subsidize the incurred costs associated with the sale. However, you will get to keep 100% of your sale proceeds.  You must go to the website at www.BeechHomeschool.com to Sign Up and pay the fee. On the home page under Curriculum Sale is a Sign up Link for a Registration Form and payment link or on left side, green navigation menu under Curriculum sale is a link to the Seller Registration Form.

  3. We will be using the Cash envelope system. Click Here to See Instructions on Labeling your Items for Sale.

  4. We will be organizing curriculum by Grade Level (Preschool, Elem, Middle/High) and Subject.

  5. You are not required to stay during the sale. Volunteers will collect the envelopes and will give them all to you at the end of the sale when you pick up your unsold items.
    100% of
    money from sold items goes to the seller.

  6. Any items not picked up by 6:15 pm will be donated.
    Pick up time is Saturday, June 22nd 4:45-6:00 p.m.

  7. If you cannot make pickup time, you can send an email of who you authorize to pick up your books and money envelope. Authorization emails have to be sent by Wed June 19th to [email protected]

  8. Items accepted: New and Used Curriculum, books of any reading level, Educational games, dvd's, puzzles, teacher resources, musical instruments, manipulatives and any other educational/learning materials.

  9. Please bring tables if you have them. Mark table with your name and your Pick-up Color.  When you sign up - please let us know if you have a table that you can bring.

  10. At drop off, please help place your books on appropriate tables by grade level and subject. You are the best at determining what level/subject your curriculum is intended for and if placed correctly it will increase your chances of a sale!

  11. BEECH will do everything possible to keep your items safe.  However, you Sell at YOUR OWN RISK.  We will not be held liable if your items are lost or stolen.

  12. BEECH reserves the right to exclude or limit any materials from the sale that do not align with our standards or cannot be accommodated in the allotted space.

  13. Non-BEECH Member spots are limited.  Please register early to sell.

  14. In order to make drop-off and pick-up times easier & better organized - when you sign up you will be asked to select a 15-minute drop-off window and a 15-minute pick-up window.  Please arrive during those times. 

    1. Please understand that the curriculum sale team may ask you to change your pick-up or drop-off time if too many people request the same time period.  

    2. Please make sure you remember to highlight both your item envelopes and your manila envelopes according to the Labeling instructions on the website. This makes it easier for the sale team to gather your items and have them ready when you pick up.  

Newpoint Tabernacle Church has been very generous in providing this space to BEECH to host this event. 
Please make sure you help us take care of the church. 
Please throw out your trash, and please do not run, touch or play with any church equipment or materials.