B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community


B.E.E.C.H Code of Conduct


We believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to shape the Godly character and guide the Christian education of their child.  In accordance with that belief, all parents and students are expected to represent our Lord, and B.E.E.C.H., with the highest standards of integrity and Christian character.

Membership in B.E.E.C.H is a privilege, not a right.  Any group member not adhering to the set guidelines in the Code of Conduct may be asked to meet with the B.E.E.C.H. board members.  The board will determine the best course of action regarding the incidents that have occurred.  This could result in the removal of the B.E.E.C.H. membership and all the privileges that go with it.


When at an activity, the parent is the ultimate parental authority.  However, the field trip coordinator or those involved in leading the event are also to be obeyed.  Children need to respect the authority of adult members of B.E.E.C.H. and those we encounter at outside events. Please be respectful and attentive to speakers, staff, tour guides and teachers.  The guidelines set up at each activity must be followed.  There are various activities during the year that may require children to be separated by age, ability, experience, etc.  These restrictions must be honored for the benefit of everyone involved.  If in doubt – talk to the coordinator.


Please make every effort to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time at all events and field trips.


Parents must be aware of their children’s conduct at all times.  A Parent's priority during BEECH events and functions is the guidance and supervision of their children. Children must be under the care of their parent and parents will be held accountable for their children's behavior.  If you are unable to be physically present yourself at a function, it is your responsibility to delegate the care of your child(ren) to another responsible adult member of BEECH or family member (grandparent/sister, etc).  Events are not drop off events unless specifically specified as drop off.  


Children have the opportunity to participate in various activities.  Be considerate of others by obeying the rules of the activity.  During activities please be silent and still when someone is giving instructions/presentation.  No rowdy, rude or aggressive behavior (pushing, hitting, taunting, bullying, etc.) is acceptable.  Parents are responsible for themselves and monitoring their own children.  In all of our dealings please be courteous, considerate, cooperative and respectful.


Please keep cell phones and other electronic devices on silent during meetings and events.  Please remember that folks work hard to put together events and field trips for your children and it is rude if speakers are interrupted by cell phones.  Also, please note that inappropriate material shared on electronic devices or other mediums at BEECH events will not be tolerated, (i.e. pornography, sexting, etc.) and may result in your termination from the group.  Please be sure to advise your children of these rules.  


The board directly delegates authority to member volunteers to represent and speak for B.E.E.C.H.  in scheduling an activity in which they are coordinating.  The relationship we have with different churches and organizations are all very delicate and extremely important.  There are specifics that are unique in each relationship and, therefore, no member, other than the designated party, has the authority to initiate any contact with outside sources and speak on B.E.E.C.H. 's behalf.


Please ensure that you keep the commitments that you make.  It reflects poorly on BEECH and homeschoolers in general, when we tell a venue we have 40 members and students attending an event and then show up with twelve.  It is also imperative that you keep your service commitments.  A lot of time and effort goes into creating and planning the events and field trips.  It is very frustrating when we are counting on people to show up or to help at an event and then we are shorthanded.  We realize that some things can't be helped due to illness or the unexpected.  But we ask that our members do everything possible to keep their commitments, especially their service requirements.


Members are required to serve on at least one event or activity team during the school year.  In order to make sure we have enough help at events, we reserve the right to assign members to a second service team as back up in case of emergency.  Members are encouraged to participate in as many events and activities as suits their family.  We encourage members to participate in order to build friendships and community with other B.E.E.C.H. members.  You can't make friends and have community if you don't show up for events or activities.  All members participate in events and activities at their own Risk and hold B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Communities and it's Directors and Leaders harmless for any mishaps, accidents, injuries, illnesses, deaths or other problems that may result from participating in B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community events and activities.  


Knowing that each student is an image-bearer of the Lord; members and their children are expected to dress appropriately for their gender and use the correct bathroom for their gender.  We would like to stress modesty in dress and appearance. We understand that fashion trends change and we are often at the mercy of our budgets and what is available in stores.  Please use good and reasonable judgment.  Parents are very instrumental in helping students to look their best and in being considerate in how their appearance affects others and honors Christ. Please keep in mind that what is not offensive to you, may be offensive to someone else.  Please keep your underwear - under your wear and your private parts - private.


We ask that our young men and ladies treat each other with respect and proper etiquette.  Although each family has the right and responsibility to address dating according to their own convictions, in order to encourage that each person be treated as a temple of the Holy Spirit, please refrain from public, romantic displays of affection between students or adults at any B.E.E.C.H. related functions.  We ask families to counsel their students regarding appropriate, courteous treatment of the opposite sex.  No harassing behaviors will be tolerated.  

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs.” Eph. 4:29