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Homeschoolers that are not Beech Members may register for the Starbase program here by filling out this form.  The form will then be sent to the Homeschool Coordinator for the Starbase Program.  You will receive a separate email from the homeschool coordinator confirming your spot at Starbase.  While you may receive a message from BEECH that your form was submitted - you still need to wait for the confirmation from the Homeschool Coordinator to know that your spot is confirmed.  Spots are first come first serve with 5th and 6th graders given priority.  

What is STARBASE?  Starbase is a FREE program aimed for 5th-grade students.  It is run out of Dobbins Air Force Base  (Please do NOT contact the base as they will not be able to register you for this program).  Homeschool students between 4th and 6th grade may attend the program.  Younger and older siblings may NOT participate.  Children that have attended Starbase in the past are not eligible to participate again so that there are enough spots for children that have not gone yet.  

STARBASE is a STEM program.  

Please sign up here for the Starbase Program.  READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY as it is a Multi step process!  Classes run for ONE Week Monday - Friday from 8:30-2ish.  The  ONLY grades that can participate are 4th-6th grade.  It is preferred for 5th & 6th grade. If your child has attended Starbase in the past you can NOT sign up again.   Registration is available for the week of October 14-20th. Class size is 40 For the week. Two classes of 20 per week.  The program is 1st come first serve and it is NOT exclusive to Beech members.  

This Program is FREE.

STARBASE is a program that is specifically designed for 5th grade public school students, however, STARBASE has allowed this program to be opened up to 4-6th grade homeschoolers - primarily 9-11 year olds.  They have found that younger 9 year olds and Older 12 year olds are either not at the level they need to be (9 y.o.) or they get bored (12 y.o.).  If you feel that your child may not be able to sit through a 5 hour day without being overwhelmed, bored, or disruptive, this might not be the program for them.  As expected, since this is on Dobbins Air Force Base, it is very structured.

More info about STARBASE can be found at http://dodstarbase.org/  This program is excellent.  The kids learn a ton during the week and get to do some really fun stuff - including crawling around a real helicopter and using a simulator.  My children went several years ago and loved it.  They were surprised by all the structure a little bit - but really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot.  I highly recommend this program to anyone with a 4th-6th grader.

You MUST bring your ID every day to get onto BASE.  They will not let you on Base without checking your ID.  Only one parent will be allowed to stay as a chaperone per class as the base is limiting access.  The coordinator will determine the chaperone.  Also, they are limiting the number of parents dropping off and picking up due to base restrictions so you will need to carpool.  We are sorry but Siblings may NOT attend unless they are registered and in 4th-6th grade.
You MUST pack your child Lunch EVERY day.  Please plan for Atlanta traffic.  It is essential that you arrive on time.  

Please remember when you register for this program it is a WEEK long Commitment.  You are expected to attend EVERY day Mon-Friday.  You will need to skip your hybrids, etc for the week.

We are very blessed that this program is available to us.  If you would like your child to attend Starbase please follow these directions - failure to follow the below steps will result in your child NOT being be registered for the program.

  1. Sign up HERE.  PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP THE CHILD ATTENDING.  Parents do NOT need to register - but you do need to answer the family questions.  Please Make sure you fill in ALL the relevant information as it will make life much easier for the coordinator.  She has been very kind in working with us to make sure this program is available to students in BEECH and other homeschool students and we want to make sure we maintain this relationship so other Beech members and homeschoolers can go in the future.  Your sign up here will notify the coordinator and give her the detailed info she needs.
  2. Wait for a confirmation email from the Starbase Homeschool Coordinator.  You are not OFFICIALLY REGISTERED UNTIL you receive the confirmation email. If you do not get confirmation within 72 hours, please contact [email protected]  
  3. Please make sure your child behaves and acts appropriately during Starbase week.  We want to be invited back!!
  4. Since this program is not exclusive to Beech you may register your nonbeech friends to attend.  

Everyone has to be given permission to enter the base.  That's why it is so important that you provide the required information here when you register.

Call signs are fun pilot nicknames for the kids and how they will be known throughout the week.  Ace, Maverick, etc.  Please make sure the name is positive.  

1. *

Child First Name

2. *

Child Last Name

3. *

Child's Grade.  Please note 5th and 6th graders will be given priority over 4th graders.  Siblings may not attend unless they are in 4th-6th grade.

4th grade 5th grade
6th grade
4. *

Gender of Child Attending

Male Female
5. *

Parent Contact Name

6. *

Parent Cell Phone

7. *

Parent's email

8. *

I would be interested in Carpooling

yes no
9. *

BEECH and the Starbase coordinator contact will NOT arrange carpooling for you.  You are responsible for getting your child to and from the program.  But we will try and send an email with a list of those interested in carpooling.  For carpooling purposes please list the area you live in and your availability to drive, pickup or both.

10. *

I understand that the Starbase program is a COMMITMENT for an ENTIRE week.  I am committing to bringing my child every day to the program for the following week:

October 14th-18th none
11. *

Full Name of Adult (parent, grandparent, etc) that will be bringing the child on base.  

12. *

Is this Parent/Adult/Guardian a US Citizen?

Yes, US Citizen No, but Legal Alien with a Green Card
No, Not a US Citizen
13. *

State and License Plate number of the CAR that will be DRIVEN on BASE.

14. *

DOB of parent/adult/guardian that will be driving on base.

15. *

Any Medical Issues, Problems or Special Needs?  Please List

16. *

Allergies of child attending - Please list:

17. *

Please list any medications the child might need and have with them during the school day:

18. *

Please list the Call Sign for the Child Attending.  Call Signs should be positive.  A Call Sign is the name that pilots are known by.  Please have your child choose one.  This is the name they will be known by for the week.  Please note - if your child chooses a call sign that is already taken you will be contacted to choose a different one.  


If you need to tell the Homeschool Coordinator anything - please do so here.  For example - you might want to tell her that you registered siblings and would like them together or apart if possible.  Please note any requests are requests only and not guaranteed to happen.